Incredibly Powerful Trading Platforms

Guardian Trading offers a powerful suite of trading platforms designed specifically with active traders in mind.

DAS Trader Pro

DAS Trader Pro is a professional trading platform with advanced order types, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment.

Multiple Stop Types

Real-Time Account


Supports Multiple


Platform Details

The DAS Trader Pro trading platform provides professional level access and data for many exchanges like Nasdaq, NYSE/ARCA, Direct Edge, OTC markets, and BATS demonstrating a robust set of tools for traders. DAS Trader Pro also supplies market access and FIX connectivity for every top exchange, all while offering co-location to the most important data centers. They also offer order routing that has high-latency sub-millisecond sensitivity to over fifty destinations. Clients will gain access to every NYSE floor broker and routing tactics for exchanges, ALGO, dark pools, and liquidity providers. The user-friendly software provides traders with advanced features such as fast trade executions, market access order routing, advanced Level 2 and real time stock charting capabilities among others.

Reliability is at the core of the DAS trading platform and designed for optimal performance so traders can trade with confidence. A browser based and mobile version is also available and provides traders with the flexibility that is expected in an advanced trading platform. Having received accolades from impressive awardees, like the NYSE and the Nasdaq, they are captivating many traders and brokers thanks to their exceptional service and product offering. With real-time data feed technology, managed and hosted solutions, and a responsive team that aims to offer only the best, the DAS Trader Pro platform is an excellent option.

Sterling Trader® Pro

Sterling Pro features a multi-layered suite of trading and analytical tools designed for the needs of todays professional trader.

Real-Time Level 2 Market


Portfolio Management

Basket Trading

Stop Orders

Hot Keys


Custom Alerts


Platform Details

Sterling Trading is one of the most widely used trading platforms for professionals in the industry and allows trading of equities, options and futures. The platform offers full featured Level 2 market access and access to all exchanges and ECNs. Advanced pinpoint accuracy for order routing and real time profit and loss reports are a few of the many capabilities. Professional features such as advanced charting, programmable keys and smart destination preferences for order entry features make Sterling Trader a favorite among traders. Offering a broker-neutral service bureau and supplying both trading and networking technology to professional traders around the globe and financial organizations has made them renowned by many as the best online trading platform on the market, especially for institutions. Equity trading is available to major US exchanges and worldwide markets such as Canada, Brazil, Europe, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Their platform also allows clients to have real-time compliance and risk control. This risk control encompasses pre-trade risk (price thresholds and double order checks) to the end of the day and OATS reports. Offering a variety of solutions for their customers allows Sterling to stand out as a prime choice for traders.