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Guardian Trading was designed by our team of industry professionals with over 20 years of experience serving active traders.

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About Guardian Trading

Guardian Trading is a Division of Velocity Clearing, LLC. Velocity Clearing, LLC provides clearing, margin finance and locates to its clients directly.

How does that differentiate from some of our competitors? Some of our competitors has: third party relationships to clear trades, third party relationships to act as custodian and third-party relationships to locate securities. Simply put, Guardian Trading is better positioned to deliver quality service to our clients.

More About us

What We Do & Who We Serve.

Guardian Trading serves Active Pattern Day Traders. Active Pattern Day traders come in different shapes, sizes and groups. Contact us for a custom-tailored solution for all your trading needs.


Since its inception Velocity has been a leading provider of locate services to the active trading community.

The locate product is built on speed and efficiency, allowing traders to seamlessly access the hardest to borrow securities through their OMS of choice.


Direct market access offered on multiple OMS platforms with access to all exchanges.

Trade US equities during all market sessions starting at 4 AM until 8PM. Locates are provided throughout all market sessions.


Velocity Clearing LLC, is the parent company of “Guardian Trading” and is a self-clearing FINRA Member Firm with clearing house memberships at DTC and NSCC.

The clearing firm is staffed with experienced persons, trained in all aspects of operations that understand the priority to respond quickly to traders’ needs.

Pricing and Routing

Solutions Specifically Designed to reach Active Pattern Day Traders

Tiered Per Share Commissions

Monthly Share Volume (MSV) — Commissions Per Share

<250k (MSV) — $0.0029
+ Routing and Regulatory Fees

250k to 500k (MSV) — $0.0025
+ Routing and Regulatory Fees

500k to 1mm (MSV) — $0.002
+ Routing and Regulatory Fees

1mm to 5mm (MSV) — $0.0015
+ Routing and Regulatory Fees

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Tiered Per Trade Commissions

Monthly Share Volume (MSV) — Commissions Per Trade

$4.95 Per Trade <300k (MSV) —
5,000 share max per order

$3.95 Per Trade 300k to 1.5mm (MSV) —
5,000 share max per order

$2.95 Per Trade 1.5mm and up (MSV) —
5,000 share max per order

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Regulatory Fees

Certain regulators impose transaction fees to cover their costs of regulating the brokerage industry. The fees are passed through to customers as part of normal transaction processing.

NSCC = $0.00004/share

SEC = $0.0000051 x Principal (Sell)

TAF = $0.000119/ share $5.95 max (Sell)

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